Comment gagner ? How to win?

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Looking forward to meeting friends in the US and in Europe, I thought it useful to translate into English and slightly improve the text recently published under the French title: "Lettre ouverte à ceux qui veulent vraiment gagner".

Dans la perspective de rencontres avec des amis aux Etats-Unis et en Europe, il m'a semblé utile de traduire en anglais l'article publié récemment sous le titre : "Lettre ouverte à ceux qui veulent vraiment gagner". J'en ai profité pour améliorer légèrement la clarté du texte. Je remercie chaleureusement la personne qui a réalisé cette traduction.





A Change in Strategy 


Many of us, with a feeling of apprehension or of hope, are questioning ourselves concerning the political battles of the future. The “Manif pour tous" ("protest for all” - a great French social movement born last year and opposing gay-marriage) is specifically concerned with the issues: Surrogate mothering, medically assisted procreation, the gender “ideology”, etc. But could these battles be disassociated from that for employment and therefore social justice, as well as from the battles for small and middle size businesses, and political freedom, alongside new allies? This would be a perfect recipe for losing. We will not be able to save the family and education without saving employment. And employment will not be saved if we do not defend and promote the business world. This business world needs to be freed from the excessive weight of French administrative law, above and beyond any partisan interests.In addition, how can the former battles (for life, family and so on), be disassociated from the latter (for jobs, small business, etc.) without falling into an unacceptable ‘moralism’, as well as a type of hypocrisy, often unconscious, but which discredits our cause, all the while limiting it to a particular social class and therefore promising it to failure?   




Strength resides in Unity 


How can we win? By being the strongest and that strength can only be found in Unity. We must be clearly united among our own. We must learn to build unity and alliance with those outside our immediate circle!And so we must begin by consolidating our internal unity. That demands identifying all our talents, having the humility to promote and empower the best among us, not the most ambitious, or the most stylish, or the best born. We must cease to criticize and suspect those who ‘color outside the lines’, free ourselves from our small protected worlds. It is no longer the moment to continue to prefer to be Number One on a losing team, rather than to remain humbly on the sidelines for a winning team! We lost the battle against the Taubira[1] law for the simple reason that we weren’t the strongest. And we were weak because we were alone just like businesses are alone today, just as the working class is alone when it is lacking productive work, the source of its future.  On the threshold of the upcoming discussions on other serious issues (such as gender education in schools, conscientious objection, and so forth) has the power balance changed in any way? No? In such a case we would be certain to lose again.  That does not mean that we should surrender our arms! On the contrary, that means that we must go to battle with a new strategy. We must adopt a winning battle plan, without which we will be responsible for the legislative and electoral failures of the future! If we really want to win, if we are sincerely convinced that losing is not an option, what is the inevitable and unique choice?... Being stronger and better organized.  





How? By clarifying and consolidating our internal unity, and by creating new, more audacious alliances! 


As things stand today, with even 100% of our natural allies, we don’t represent the minimum number needed to become the winning team. If we wish to largely surpass that number, we must join our forces with other groups which are equally hindered by abusive rulings and constraints imposed upon them by the same administrative nomenclature, whose excessive power resides in its particular, self-centered interests and its liberal-libertine ideology. This ruling oligarchy crushes the disjoint groups of the nation, ruling over all by favoring their disunity.Our potential allies, once again, are the working classes whose economic future is inexistent under the current regime. Small and middle size business entrepreneurs are crushed by taxation, and generally by the omniscient authority and privileges of the nomenclature.  




Political commitment is back! But how, where, and with whom?


The current organization of political forces depends on obsolete rules, but it remains  an essential element in the monopoly of the nomenclature, of which the two principle political parties come alternatively into power. The objective function of the two political extremes, perhaps despite themselves, is to function as a protest option for those disappointed and frustrated by the moderate political parties, all the while maintaining enough opposition between these two to keep them from ever uniting their forces. And within what can be considered as, indeed, a unique party cut into two halves, the authentic pro-labor on the left and the authentic conservatives on the right, have a similar fate: practically speaking to remain only “actors on a stage”, whereas the powers in place continue more or less discretely to make their way to total economic and cultural libertinage (not to say decadence!) It is certainly not a question of pleasing oneself by abstention, or by enjoying a glorious and immaculate isolation, but to understand that true political action at this time does not pass through political parties, but by the patient preparation of a national panel, which will one day allow the gathering of all the victims of this destructive and absurd regime, the “victims” including practically everyone outside of the administrative oligarchy (which monopolizes all kind of power in the country). The goal is to rebuild the economic common good, each political party then being obliged to determine itself in reference to this common good, or to secede, defining itself in a new wise and way.Rather than trying to put old wine into new jars, let’s attempt to let a new spirit spring up, let’s define a new common good which will allow for the alliance of the three oppressed groups.  If we dare to do so, it will become possible to introduce a factor of authentic political restructure. This will allow us to escape from the current trap and all the false questions which surround it. We will eventually have not only the hope, but the certitude of winning, because we will have indeed become the strongest.  




Finishing with pretentious superiority which is the guarantee of failure 


If we don’t go towards these other oppressed masses it’s because we don’t want to win.What do we want then? To play the Prince Machiavelli in the dusty corridors of a local city hall to the service of the nomenclature?  To gain a fold down seat in the next governmental set-up? Play the role of moral guarantee for the same politics, led  a bit more softly, with the gentile fashion of the bourgeoisie? As an illustration, what is Vincent Peillon[2] doing if not simply following in more radical fashion, the steps of his predecessor who discretely paved the way for  the Taubira law?If that is the road we choose, we will end up having a partisan attitude and will forget how to criticize, because we will be in the heart of the system, prisoner of our complicities. It is mere hypocrisy on the Left side, to claim to practice politics which are respectful of the people’s interests and democratic, all the while promoting a libertine culture, of which the most evident and inevitable application is the behaviour of the “Gods of Money” of Wall Street.It is as hypocritical, on the other hand, to claim to promote an authentic defense of the family without being highly concerned with the interests of the people’s jobs and without making a radical break with the monstrously self-interested oligarchy. It is perfectly hypocritical to pretend to hate libertine ideology and politics on life, family, etc. and then quietly support the same scoundrels when it is a question of their economic behavior which crushes the lower class people, without yet striking too much the conservative elite.

As long as we haven’t broken away from this hypocrisy (perhaps it is this very one that the Pope François has recently spoken of?), we won’t change a single thing and we will continue to be the constant losers, simply because we don’t deserve to be the winners, and even more so, we don’t really want to win! That wouldn’t be right (or, We would have it all wrong!) to lead the battle just enough to sooth our consciences(“Well, we gave it our best, let’s go home for “goûter”… Who can stop off to buy some “petit fours?), but not enough to re-establish the common good and to found new alliances. In that case, we would be showing that we prefer an economic alliance with our scoundrel oligarchy rather than the true defense of the family, of our culture and of the People as a whole.

For the moment, and with relative indifference, the laborious and abused people of the “lower world” continues to watch the two factions of the political élite battle with each other, on one side the liberal-libertine and on the other side the relatively conservative. The subjects they treat are not uninteresting but they are definitely not the primary concern of the lowlanders. To their eyes both parties are clearly indifferent to the deadly effects of the current economic liberalism.Which side is really concerned by their situation? Logically, the people should be more indignant towards the party which should be more moral, if such party were coherent and loyal.     






We are imprisoned by a losing (or loser’s) strategy. If we escape by the front door, we can win! 


If we really wanted to deal with the issues of unemployment, of the business world, of our currency, of monetary creation, of the treaties put into place by the oligarchy, then we would launch ourselves with renewed courage and enthusiasm in the reconstruction of the common good, and not only in a lone country. This scandalous libertine ideology would pop off like a champagne cork, for it is only the darkened soul of a body which is rotting from the inside, out!And it is in this way, by simple chain reaction, that the libertine abjection of the Taubira law, etc; would rightfully fall into the abyss along with its source, the barbarous system of libertine economics.How to win? By searching how we can join forces with the laminated people of France, and with its soon-to-be, if not already, destroyed business entrepreneurs. Intelligent and generous alliances can decisively change the balance of power,… and stop the barbarians once and for all.


The potential of these new energies,...   

united for the reestablishment of the common good...

is nothing less than astounding ! 


[1] French Department of Justice Minister (2013). She gave her name to the gay-marriage project which passed into law three months ago.
[2] French Minister of National Education (2013).  Leader in promoting pervasive teaching of gender theory within French schooling system.

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